How Everything Changed

What if it’s not enough any more?  What if your job, your family and your life are fine but you feel lost, separate and dissatisfied?  What if you find yourself asking:

       • Am I living in the right place?

       • Am I working at the right job?

                         • Am I living my life the way that I should?

        • Am I in the right relationship?

           • Am I truly satisfied and happy?

 Am I at home in my life?

…and you can’t answer “Yes” instantly to all of them? 

 If you can’t answer yes, then this book can give your life the jump start that you’ve been waiting for! 

Or take our quiz and see whether this book, How Everything Changed, can help you empower yourself to have the meaningful, authentic and truly powerful life that you’ve been hoping for!

 What some reviewers have said about How Everything Changed:

“We try to strike a balance in our lives between practicality and

dreaming of what could be, except for the brave few such as Robyne Diller, who abandoned compromise and, in this narrative, takes her sons and us on a beautifully recorded search for meaning.

       -Lary Bloom, author of The Writer Within and co-author of

                                                 Letters from Nuremberg and The Test of Our Times

“Remarkable. This is a profound story that I found very moving – it has changed how I am viewing my own old house, life, and work.”

        —Suzanna Tamminen, Director and Editor in Chief,

                                                        Wesleyan University Press

“This book is a must read for anyone considering making aliyah. I gained a new understanding of just what that entails. How helpful this is just to know your feelings and how you worked through the process emotionally. I’m sure that any new immigrant will find your words comforting and inspiring. This book touched a nerve.”    —Marilyn Rubenstein, philanthropist andmajor benefactor to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, Jerusalem


Robyne Diller , Ph.D.,Robyne Diller , Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist,

writer and entrepreneur living the life she has dreamed

of in Jerusalem, Israel.