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Hi again

Written By: robyne - Aug• 15•11

Hi again!  Well, we’ve had our first “event”!  I went Sunday morning, the 14th of August, to my old synagogue, Beit Shalom, to give a talk on the book and on creating a meaningful life.  About forty people came to the event and it was so exciting to talk about the journey I’ve been on to the people who were with me when it all started!  The talk went so well.  I thought it would be very hard to speak for half an hour but really it just flowed and then a few folks asked some very good questions.  My favorite question was from my friend Miriam, who asked how people can “let go” of things.  I thought about it for a moment and said that I thought that we don’t let go of people, or places that we’ve loved…we just slowly accept them as a part of our past and they become part of us, making us different and hopefully better than we had been before.  Then there were books to be signed and people to hug.  It was amazing and wonderful!  We are looking forward to lots more events!  Right now, the new plan is for there to be a launch in Jerusalem next month and hopefully more events in Connecticut this winter.  It’s just great!

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