How Everything Changed

Hey! We’re going to be reviewed!

Written By: robyne - Aug• 06•12

Big news — “How Everything Changed” will be reviewed in the Jerusalem Post! The interview, by one of the Post’s senior editors, was yesterday and I think it went well. The questions were thoughtful and interesting and I think the article (he also asked me for a picture of myself to go with the interview/review!) should be great. It’s so hard to get the word out when you’re a new author but I believe so much in this book and in its message and I believe that if I work hard and I have good people with me (and I have the best marketing people in the world putting together the tour that starts on the 18th of October) then good things will happen! Hey—if you’re reading this blog and you like what you see, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!! No harm in having a little conversation going on over here. This is Israel, after all, where conversation and arguing are (as yet unrecognized) olympic sports!

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  1. Vedat says:

    I hate my life but at least this makes it beraalbe.

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