How Everything Changed


Written By: robyne - Aug• 01•11
Welcome!  This blog will be open to readers and to anyone who wants to contribute ideas that deal with improving our lives and making them powerful, authentic and truly happy.  Here in this blog we will discuss, share and enjoy!  To get a better sense of the book it is best for you to get your own copy and read it.  Enjoy!  Be back soon with lots more!

Hi again

Written By: robyne - Aug• 15•11

Hi again!  Well, we’ve had our first “event”!  I went Sunday morning, the 14th of August, to my old synagogue, Beit Shalom, to give a talk on the book and on creating a meaningful life.  About forty people came to the event and it was so exciting to talk about the journey I’ve been on to the people who were with me when it all started!  The talk went so well.  I thought it would be very hard to speak for half an hour but really it just flowed and then a few folks asked some very good questions.  My favorite question was from my friend Miriam, who asked how people can “let go” of things.  I thought about it for a moment and said that I thought that we don’t let go of people, or places that we’ve loved…we just slowly accept them as a part of our past and they become part of us, making us different and hopefully better than we had been before.  Then there were books to be signed and people to hug.  It was amazing and wonderful!  We are looking forward to lots more events!  Right now, the new plan is for there to be a launch in Jerusalem next month and hopefully more events in Connecticut this winter.  It’s just great!

A little note at the beginning of February

Written By: robyne - Feb• 11•14

Howdy fans!

As the details for the next book tour get squared away, I thought I’d offer the following idea:  When was the last time that you canvassed yourself?  Sound like a weird question? Not at all!  Think about this:  You know that pollsters canvas the population of likely voters before an election but have you ever thought about doing that just on yourself?  What does it mean?  Canvassing yourself means to look yourself over, to see what you like, what you want to change, what you think needs a little touching up.  Sometimes, without our really being aware of it, we start to drift.  We begin to allow certain behaviors, certain people, certain choices to come into our lives without really thinking about them and without really questioning whether they are right for us or not.  When you canvas yourself, you put to the test your latest decisions, your relationships and your outlook on your life as it is now and as it is becoming.

As winter starts to slowly drift away and signs of a new spring and a new start begin to show themselves, take some time to look yourself over.  Then decide what you want to do next to honor yourself and the person you are becoming!

Have you thought about this?

Written By: robyne - Jan• 26•14

Have you thought about your blessings lately?  I’m not talking about something religious necessarily. I mean those things that you have that you can’t really put a price on.  Those things that you might even take for granted.  Look around you right now, for example.  Look at the room you’re in, think about the memories of other people that are attached to some of the things that you see there.  Think about something really good that happened between you and one of the people you’re remembering.  Or, if that doesn’t work for you, just take a deep breath.  For you to breathe you need all kinds of things in your body to be working perfectly and you’re going to be doing that simple action all day, thousands of times, awake and asleep.  These sorts of things are worth thinking about and feeling appreciative about.  How does this have to do with change?  Because we can’t make change and move ourselves into something better until we really know what we’ve got.  We have to look around ourselves first, surveying what’s there, deciding on what we need, what we love, what is right for us before we can go about the business of creating that next step.

Think about it!  Then, when you’ve got a good handle on it, take that next step.

Want to talk about this?  Write to me here anytime!

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Ah…winter time

Written By: robyne - Jan• 22•14

Winter is a beautiful time but this year has been a brutal sort of beauty.  Still, staying inside, wrapped up snugly is sometimes a good opportunity to think and plan and maybe make some long-delayed changes!  Changes, as I’ve written before, don’t have to monumental.  They can be small, seemingly insignificant things that make a big difference in how you feel about your life.


Take advantage of the winter storms while you can to cozy up with your thoughts!

Out here on the fourth book tour!

Written By: robyne - Mar• 13•13

Hey Everybody!

So, I write today from beautiful Montreal where the temperature is in the low single digits but everybody here thinks it’s just so fair and lovely. And I guess it is. I’ve had a great time here on the radio at CJAD and at Chapters Bookstore and then over in Ottawa where I saw the gorgeous capitol buildings and had a great signing at their Chapters Bookstore and did a wonderful talk at a private get-together at Rabbi Barry Schlesinger’s house. So many interesting people that I’ve met! It’s been a total treat. Leaving today to fly to Boston and then on to Connecticut. One talk at Eitz Chayim in Massachusetts in the morning of the 17th for anybody who will be around!


Written By: robyne - Jan• 13•13

Happy New Year from Jerusalem! Over here we have just gotten through a huge storm that brought high winds, heavy rain, sleet and snow. It knocked down some trees and caused some other minor problems but the kids here had a snow day for the first time in years and the morning of the fourth day of this storm brought not just snow but also a lovely peaceful stillness that is so rare here. It was glorious!

Planning is well underway for the March book tour that begins on the 5th. I’ll be in Chicago, the east coast of the States and then up in Canada in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Should be great! Look for more details in the coming week!

Back after an outstanding tour to North America!!!!

Written By: robyne - Nov• 07•12

Well, this third tour was just amazing! Such great people, awesome speaking gigs, great adventures everywhere I went. Forgetting about the hurricane and the confusion and aggravation (not to mention delays) that it also spawned, the tour was a real success. I learned so much about speaking and my amazing marketing team is getting more efficient and more ‘out there’ every day. This book seems to be able to touch so many people and it has proved to be an extraordinary blessing to me. And the planning for the next tour is already underway! Send your comments here! If you would like me to be a speaker at your church or synagogue or women’s group or bookstore or book club or whatever, just write! If you know someone who has read the book and might like to have me come on over in March (in North America March 5-19), WRITE ME! In the meantime, spread the word. Life is short, guys. Making and maintaining meaningful life changes matters!!

Great Review/Interview in the Jerusalem Post!

Written By: robyne - Oct• 15•12

“How Everything Changed” received a wonderful review in the magazine section of the Jerusalem Post—you can read the review online if you have a subscription to the Post and shortly the review will be added to this website as well!

Off to North America!

Written By: robyne - Oct• 15•12

Well, it’s just about time to head off to North America for the next book tour! I leave on the 18th of October and fly to Chicago where I’ll speak at a Sisterhood meeting and possibly at a Chabad House as well. And naturally there will be time for visiting with family and soaking up some of the great vibe from the best city in America! Then it’s off to the east coast where I’ll be speaking at another Sisterhood event in New York. In Canada next, to a wonderful Reform Shul, Har Zion, outside of Toronto and then to Montreal for a series of events. So, here are the dates: Chicago 0ctober 18-22; East Coast 22-26; Toronto 26-27; Montreal October 27-31. If you’d like to set up a speaking engagement/book signing for my next tour, set to begin March 5, 2013, just write me here!

Hey! We’re going to be reviewed!

Written By: robyne - Aug• 06•12

Big news — “How Everything Changed” will be reviewed in the Jerusalem Post! The interview, by one of the Post’s senior editors, was yesterday and I think it went well. The questions were thoughtful and interesting and I think the article (he also asked me for a picture of myself to go with the interview/review!) should be great. It’s so hard to get the word out when you’re a new author but I believe so much in this book and in its message and I believe that if I work hard and I have good people with me (and I have the best marketing people in the world putting together the tour that starts on the 18th of October) then good things will happen! Hey—if you’re reading this blog and you like what you see, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!! No harm in having a little conversation going on over here. This is Israel, after all, where conversation and arguing are (as yet unrecognized) olympic sports!

Getting Ready for the Next Book Tour!

Written By: robyne - Jul• 30•12

Hey Everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve been on but I figured it was time to get back and say hello and wish everybody a great summer! The Olympics are on and so is the planning for the next book tour which is scheduled for October 18-31. I’ll start out in Chicago and then go to the East Coast and finally on to Canada. A little later on, when all of my sites are confirmed, I’ll list them all here so that you can stop by and say hello!